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Jumbo 115

Jumbo 115
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When the area to heat is on the larger side the Jumbo 115 will meet all the requirements and more. Working on the same principle as the EC range the Jumbo can be used to heat large glass house and temporary structures as well as drying projects within construction. The Jumbo can be ducted from up to 4 outlets at any one time, making this ideal for larger events and also the construction market.

Jumbo 115 Indirect Fired

Large Industrial & Commercial Use
Sites, factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, clothing, food manufacturing.
Delivers large volumes of clean dry air through long duct runs
Thermostatically controlled
Can be sited indoors or outdoors
Separate fuel tank for long term hires

GE55/GE90 Direct Fired

GE55/GE90 Direct Fired
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GE55 and GE90 are a range of Direct Fired Diesel Heaters, suitable for a variety of applications including industrial premises and construction sites. Both models have the facility to run manually, or to be controlled via a remote thermostat to give accurate temperature control as and when required.

GE55/GE90 Direct Fired
Industrial & Commercial Use.
Factories, foundries, warehouses, and agriculture.
Flexible and simple to use.
Optional thermostat.
For indoor use only.
Overheat protection.
No warm up period required.

CW125/150 CW260/300

CW125/150 CW260/300
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Industrial forced air heater with fully variable heat output for accurate temperature control. Push button ignition with 100% efficient combustion.

(Gas cylinders not returned will be charged for)
Heat Output : 30,000 - 120,000 BTU
Consumtpion 1.8 - 3.2Kg/hr
Weight: 19.4Kg

Propane space heater with adjustable regulated heat output. Fitted with flame protection and overheat protection, this heater is ideal for industrial premises. May be run off two cylinders with pig tail and t-piece adaptor.

Heat Output : 65,000 - 260,000 BTU
Consumption 1.8-5.5kb/hr
Weight 28Kg