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Event heating, Heating for marquees, Portable Dryers, and Dehumidifiers.

Countrywide Heating and Cooling Limited are specialists in all Heating, Drying and Dehumidifying solutions for immediate delivery throughout the UK.

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Countrywide Heating and Cooling Limited is a specialist company within the heating and cooling hire trade. The company offers specialist solutions for all portable and fixed air conditioning and cooling needs together with portable heating solutions for commercial applications and events ( Heating for Marquees etc..). 

"Our dedication to keeping our customers' events warm: Our engineer cleared a path to a marquee so that he could install the heater. We also supplied extra fuel so that the heater could be used for snow cover until the event the following evening. We are delighted to report that, following the engineer's hard work, the event went ahead as planned."

Countrywide Heating and Cooling Limited offer hire, sales, service and repairs for domestic, industrial, office and commercial applications. All services are offered throughout the United Kingdom (UK) mainland.

Competitive rates and delivery to your door within 24hrs nationwide.

Countrywide Heating and Cooling Ltd.

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